IADT Clubs/Societies Infographic


During the Information Design and Multimedia module I completed in 2nd Year I was tasked with creating an infographic (using Adobe Illustrator) aimed at College students.  The topic I chose to inform students about was the many Clubs and Societies which they can join at IADT as I felt that, as a student, information about Clubs/Socs was not as readily available as it should be.  The completed infographic can be viewed above.

Research & Early Iterations

I used a number of methods in order to gather information for this infographic.  I began by simply checking the IADT Student Handbook.  This provided me with some basic facts (e.g. A list of the College’s current Clubs/Socs).  After this, I met with the Student Union’s Clubs/Socs Officer who confirmed that the information I had collected was true and informed me about some of events that the Clubs/Soc organize.  Finally, I created surveys and distributed them to students around the campus to collect quantitative information (e.g. Percentage of students that have made friends through Clubs/Socs) and qualitative information (e.g. What students enjoy most about Clubs/Socs).

Before jumping into Illustrator I sketched out a couple of rough guides/wireframes.  I also made use of flat icon kits from around the web as the top portion of the infographic featured heavy use of iconography and I felt that creating every icon from scratch would have been a needlessly time consuming task that may have interfered with my ability to create the infographic that I wished to create before the project deadline.

Paper sketches of various iterations of the infographic
Paper sketches of various iterations of the infographic

Software Used 

Adobe Illustrator

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