Logo Design

RoadBlock Logo

This logo was created for the RoadBlock app (which can be read about in full here: RoadBlock (Mobile App)).  It was featured on business cards, an IADT Student Showcase 2016 poster and t-shirts worn by the RoadBlock team at the same event.

Phantom Limbs

(Click here to view a Full Size PDF)


This logo was the first piece that I ever created in Adobe Illustrator.  It was designed to promote a podcast on Phantom Limbs which I recorded as part of my Perception & Ergonomics module during my first year of college.  As my skills in Illustrator were quite limited at the time, the design is simple.  I find that it is often the case, however, that the simplest logos are the most effective and memorable.

Software Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator

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