Synaesthesia Poster

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This poster was the Synaesthesia Silhouettesfirst full design project that I ever completed.  It was created as part of my Multimedia Design module during my first year of college.  I was tasked with making a poster (using Photoshop) based around any topic that I had studied in any other module.  The topic which I chose was Synaesthesia.  This is a perceptual condition in which senses cross over with each other.  For example, one may see sounds as bright colours or shapes.  This is what I tried to communicate in the poster.

Academic Poster

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Academic posters are often used to communicate research findings in a way that is somewhat more engaging and less dense than a journal article.  Creating one of these presents an interesting challenge:  The poster must be eye-catching enough to attract passers-by but must also have enough depth to engage professionals.  This one which I created (using Microsoft Powerpoint) for my Cognitive Psychology module is based around a study I carried out looking at the effectiveness of mnemonic strategies.  It contains all sections of a standard lab report but in a somewhat condensed manner.

Data Collection Fair

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This simple poster was used at the IADT Data Collection Fair. It was displayed behind me and intended to attract students to sign up to take part in an experiment which I was carrying out as part of my final year Major Research Project.


Software Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Powerpoint

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