Noodler Interface Redesign


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Feedback and Redesign Report (PDF): Noodler Redesign Report

Noodler is a guitar learning tool developed by two of IADT’s Creative Computing students. In my fourth year, I was tasked with carrying out a redesign of Noodler with the aim of making it more user-friendly and attractive. Below is a video of the finished redesign which I presented to the developers, outlining the main changes that I made.


Research for this project took many forms. An initial interview with the developers helped me to gain an insight into what they hoped to achieve with Noodler as well as who it was aimed at. After this, a heuristic evaluation was carried out. Finally, a number of small focus groups were conducted to gather user feedback.


Once enough feedback was gathered, work began on the redesign. Photoshop was used to create images for the prototype and Axure RP was used to add functionality. Changes based on the research were made in five areas: Logo, Colour Scheme, Font and Text Size, Iconography and New Features (e.g. the addition of a “timing grid”). Below are some “Before and After” shots. If you would like to read about the redesign in more depth or read transcripts from the focus groups, you can view the full PDF of the report here.

Create page before (top) and after (bottom)
Sidebar before and after

What did I learn?

Of all the projects that I have been a part of to date, I believe that this one offered me the most useful experience. Not only did I get to practice my software skills (i.e. Photoshop, Axure, Camtasia) but I also got a real insight into how developers think. While the app may been functional originally, the developers had not really taken design or the end user into consideration. Collaboration allowed us to create a functional experience that is also a pleasure to use.

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Axure RP