Wiki Creation


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AllportWiki was created by myself and 2 classmates.  It is based around the life and work of famous personality psychologist Gordon Allport.

Working as a Team

As this was a group project, strong communication skills were required.  Over a number of meetings roles were assigned and tasks delegated.  Group decisions could range from fairly basic (e.g. What tool we would use to create the Wiki) to somewhat more complex (e.g. What specific theories of Allport’s we should focus on).

My Role

I handled many of the visual design aspects of the Wiki.  For example, I created the simple “AllportWiki” logo using Photoshop.

AllportWiki Logo

I was also responsible for creating the Homepage as well as more subtle visual design work such as text formatting.

In term of content, I was tasked with researching Allport’s work on prejudice and writing the corresponding page.  I also made smaller contributions to other pages such as the Biography.

I feel as though I took a lot important lessons about working as a part of a team from this project.  On a more practical side, it also gave me the chance to work with wiki creation tools.


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